Player Registration

Player Registration

New for 2019, all players, coaches, and trainers are to register online prior to stepping on the floor for a team, including tryouts. 

In the event that a player, coach, or trainer shows up without having pre-registered, they will not be allowed to participate until they have registered online. 

All players are required to register with the OLA prior to any participation in OLA programs. All new, returning or tryout players should register using the link on the league or club website of their series. To do that, follow the registration steps below (registration link is below):

1. Click on the online registration link (on the OLA, League or Club website)

2. Click Signup as New Member

3. Type in your e-mail address and create a password (your login for future use)

4. Select the account you require by age: Family Account (Under 18 years) or Adult Member Account (18 years and over)

5. Fill in all required information on the form (including birthdate) and then click Continue Registration.  Your member account is now set up.

6. Select New Registration, your name should now be highlighted in a participant registration window. Click Next

7. Using the Dropdown Menu, select the PLAYER product to register, Click Next

8. Read the OLA waiver in its entirety and select the “I Agree” box, Click Next

9. Registration Receipt page – print this to take to your tryouts, then select Next

10. You have now completed registration in full. Select Finish. An email will now be generated to your email address confirming your registration (another way to confirm your registration).

11. The system will take you to the home page of your member account, then you can Logout.

Note 1: Proper registration with the OLA prior to participation is the responsibility of the player. Clubs will be required to see proof of registration (one of hardcopy printout or email confirmation from the registration system) prior to tryouts, practices and/or games.

Note 2: All players must be registered in each league in which they tryout.

Here is the link for the online registration: