Awards History


Most Outstanding Offensive Player – Jayden Bushey

Most Outstanding Defensive Player – Jack Burke

Rookie-of-the-Year – Callyn Martin

Coaches’ Award – Curtis Webb

Unsung Hero – Joel Hoogaars


Most Outstanding Offensive Player – Liam Holwell

Most Outstanding Defensive Player – Ben Heidecker

Rookie-of-the-Year – Liam Holwell

Coaches’ Award – Curtis Webb

Unsung Hero – Quenton Begin


Most Outstanding Offensive Player – Jay Milne

Most Outstanding Defensive Player – Steven Orleman

Rookie-of-the-Year – Tye Kurtz

Coaches’ Award – Curtis Webb

Unsung Hero – Daire Newbrough

O.L.A. Most Sportsmanlike Player (Western Conference) – James Short

O.L.A. Rookie of the Year (Western Conference) – Tye Kurtz


Most Outstanding Offensive Player – Patrick Reay

Most Outstanding Defensive Player – David Sprague

Rookie-of-the-Year – James Short

Coaches’ Award – Curtis Webb

Most Dedicated Player – Adam MacKinnon

Most Valuable Player – Dean Todd

O.L.A. Coaching Staff of the Year (Western Conference) – Wayne Burke & Brady Campbell